LA SER Radio interviews Nicolas De Santis about LOS40 Radio Project and Brexit

Nicolas De Santis was interviewed by star presenter Javier Del Pino in the ‘A Vivir’ programme, which draws a record audience on weekends.

Del Pino and De Santis discussed the new vision and transformation of LOS40 into a digital entertainment company. The interview also covered Nicolas De Santis’s work on the BRAND EU Centre to re-invent the brand of the EU and his efforts to avoid Brexit in the UK.


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jokinbLA SER Radio interviews Nicolas De Santis about LOS40 Radio Project and Brexit
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Veduca MOOC Founders Interviewed by Nicolas De Santis About Future of Education

Corporate Vision® Talks – Visionary Leadership and Business Model Innovation

Veduca – “Knowledge should be within the reach of anyone who is willing to learn”

Veduca is a highly successful Brazilian education video platform startup, which is aiming to democratize access to top quality higher education around the world, and improve peoples’ lives in a sustainable way by providing high quality educational video content, for free. Veduca created the first online MBA (Masters’ of Business Administration) degree in the world; an online certification which is actually issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Education, thus giving it significant value. By translating and subtitling materials, lectures, and videos from top universities around the world such as Harvard, Stanford and Yale, and arranging them into free courses, Veduca aims to remove two of the largest barriers to educational accessibility in Brazil; cost and language, and so far it is one of the most promising and fast growing Ed-Tech start-ups in Latin America, with over 200 million video views, 150,000 registered users, and more than 5,600 classes from 20 top universities around the world.

“We launched in partnership with USP (University of Sao Paulo) which is the biggest and best university in Latin America, and with that, we were able to start realising our vision on the future of e-ducation, which is all about certification…we launched the world’s first online open MBA in the world, our MBA on engineering and innovation…materializing our vision of democratizing top quality education in Brazil.”  Carlos Souza, CEO and Founder of Veduca, talks about his vision for the future of education

Corporate Vision Talks – Gold Mercury’s Series

“Corporate Vision® Talks” is Gold Mercury’s series to discuss business model innovation, visionary leadership and global challenges. During the interview they discussed the revolution in the educational paradigm which is being spurred by recent technological advancements and the relative ubiquity of technology in our modern everyday lives;  and examined how this is helping to democratize access to top-quality higher education, and creating a new system with unprecedented levels of individualization, accessibility, and flexibility. They assess the business models which are present in education, and then explore the ways in which innovative changes in EdTech are disrupting these traditional models, which in many cases have remained relatively unchanged for centuries.

The Future of E-ducation: The Impact of Technology and Analytics on the Education Industry

The interview builds on themes explored in our Ed-Tech Report: “THE FUTURE OF E-DUCATION: THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY AND ANALYTICS ON THE EDUCATION INDUSTRY”. The study examines the way in which modern technology is bringing remarkable innovation into the educational sector; a field which has historically remained fairly fixed and traditional for centuries. The report analyses the degree to which education is being made into a universally accessible, innovative, personalized, and adaptive experience, and finds that the these changes will be pivotal for achieving the United Nations’ goal of universal education by 2015. The paper breaks down new types of technology into three broad categories, and then examines how they are influencing the shape of modern education; the categories being: “Open Sources and the Internet”, “mobile and multi-faceted technology”, and “virtual learning environments/learning analytics”. These categories are broken down further and examined closely, and the heart of the paper consists of many detailed case studies which provide examples of companies and technologies leading the way in their respective fields.

“This report shows that technology will disrupt education in a way never seen before in other industries. The tech tsunami is coming towards the shores of education and it will disrupt all education business models and the meaning and purpose of education, from curriculums to certification, to how and why people are hired in the future.” Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury International, discussing the changes in the education sector.

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nds_adminVeduca MOOC Founders Interviewed by Nicolas De Santis About Future of Education
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