LA SER Radio interviews Nicolas De Santis about LOS40 Radio Project and Brexit

Nicolas De Santis was interviewed by star presenter Javier Del Pino in the ‘A Vivir’ programme, which draws a record audience on weekends.

Del Pino and De Santis discussed the new vision and transformation of LOS40 into a digital entertainment company. The interview also covered Nicolas De Santis’s work on the BRAND EU Centre to re-invent the brand of the EU and his efforts to avoid Brexit in the UK.


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jokinbLA SER Radio interviews Nicolas De Santis about LOS40 Radio Project and Brexit
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CNBC Interviews Nicolas De Santis on Brexit and EU Referendum

Nicolas De Santis was interviewed by presenter Angela Antetomaso of CNBC Italy to discuss the impact of Brexit on the world, and the present situation in the UK with regards to the EU referendum.

De Santis explained that the EU referendum will be a very close race until the very end, as both camps fight for people’s hearts and minds as well as votes.



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jokinbCNBC Interviews Nicolas De Santis on Brexit and EU Referendum
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Nicolas De Santis Live On CNBC On Consequences Of Brexit

Gold Mercury President and BRAND EU founder, Nicolas De Santis, was interviewed on CNBC Italy by anchor Angela Antetomaso to discuss the key issues related to the upcoming EU referendum in the UK.


BRAND EU is the independent brand marketing champion of the EU, acting as a research and communications centre to promote the EU brand in Europe and the world. On the upcoming UK referendum on the EU, Nicolas De Santis said that via its BRAND EU programmes, Gold Mercury International will do everything possible to change the negative image of the EU in the UK.

The negative repercussions of a BREXIT are global and far reaching. It will destabilise economies, international security. BREXIT benefits no one except our enemies. So far we have been successful with BRAND EU in creating a communications base to build a campaign from. Brexit is a possibility as the issue will be put to the vote of the public. One of the biggest issues is that in the UK we have a brutally Eurosceptic media which will stop at nothing to sell papers and influence people in a negative way towards Europe. Hopefully the British public will be able to make their own mind up, do their own research, otherwise, we could be sleepwalking out of the EU and into oblivion. We will do the impossible to avoid it”.

De Santis had previously forecasted in the same CNBC programme in June 2015 on the impossibility of a Grexit saying:

Greece has been lent €240 billion so far and is in a technical bankruptcy, or let’s call it a ‘controlled bankruptcy’. Its lenders need to keep flowing funds into Greece while giving it more time to get its house in order and agree a payment schedule that allows the country manage its internal politics and funding needs. The world does not want a Grexit and neither do the majority of the Greeks”.

To watch the recording of the live interview click here.

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jokinbNicolas De Santis Live On CNBC On Consequences Of Brexit
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Nicolas De Santis meets President Lula of Brazil

Gold Mercury President, Nicolas De Santis met former President of Brasil Lula da Silva in Madrid as part of the Forum of Emerging Markets.

President Lula and Mr De Santis discussed the importance of the EU as a critical actor in global governance. “President Lula understands the miracle of global governance that is the EU. He calls the EU a patrimony of humanity, for its role in bringing peace to Europe and stability to the world” said Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury.

Both aim to meet again in 2016 to discuss and collaborate on think tank activities and the BRAND EU project by Gold Mercury.

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nds_adminNicolas De Santis meets President Lula of Brazil
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De Santis Live on CNBC News Commenting on UK Election Results and EU Referendum

Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury International, spoke live on the CNBC - UK Election Special 2015, broadcast from the Houses of Parliament in London’s Westminster.

De Santis explained to CNBC Italy anchor Angela Antetomaso, what the dramatic UK election results meant for the future of the UK including the Conservative promise of an EU referendum in 2017. With a clear win by the SNP in Scotland, De Santis believes that the issue of further devolution and a more federal Britain will prop up in the constitutional agenda very soon, creating great tensions in Parliament. He said on the interview:

“We have seen today the resignation of not one but three political leaders: Clegg, Miliband and Farrage. Today the big personal triumphs are for the PM Cameron and Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Today’s results will reshape the political future of the UK. The question is how these two leaders, of two countries – who now believe in very different futures – can live together or whether they will find that this is impossible“.

In regards to an EU referendum, he commented that there will be two great years of uncertainty, but believes UK will ultimately stay in the EU.

De Santis is an active PRO-EU campaigner in UK and Europe, having established the BRAND EU Centre and re-launching Captain Euro (Europe’s Superhero cartoon used to launch the EURO) to reposition the brand and image of the EU:

“Gold Mercury International and myself are now preparing for the important mission to make sure that UK remains a member of the EU. We will be an active part of the upcoming campaigns and efforts to clarify what the EU stands for, generate a positive perception of the EU and promote its critical role in the world.”

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nds_adminDe Santis Live on CNBC News Commenting on UK Election Results and EU Referendum
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Italy’s Need for Future Vision – Nicolas De Santis Interviewed by CNBC

ClassCNBC, the Italian News Division of CNBC, has interviewed Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury International, on the role that the Italian Presidency of the European Union, starting on 1st July 2014, should play to advance Italy and the EU.

CNBC Anchor Angela Antetomaso interview De Santis, where he proposed that the Italian EU Presidency could be used to develop a strategic vision of the country and relaunch a new ‘futuristic Italian Rinascimento’. Nicolas De Santis, who advises governments and corporations on long-term strategic visioning, business model innovation and sustainable strategies, mentioned in the interview that a strong Europe must be made of strong nations who collaborate to achieve common goals and whose destiny is interlinked. During the interview the importance of fiscal federalism in Europe and the future banking union were discussed.

“The time has come for Italians to choose a new road forward. It is time for a new ‘Italian rinascimento’. Italy needs a strategic national vision that clarifies Italy’s role in the 21st Century, within the EU and the world, that creates a new revived shared national identity and ethic. The future vision must be ambitious but achievable and can be based on the creative and entrepreneurial potential of the “Italianità” (Italian talent and excellence) in the world. The new national vision and ethic would then help direct the energy and decision making of the nation, citizens and politicians”. Nicolas De Santis, in interview with Angela Antetomaeso of CNBC

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nds_adminItaly’s Need for Future Vision – Nicolas De Santis Interviewed by CNBC
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Nicolas De Santis Opinion on New York Times

This opinion article about Europe by Gold Mercury President and Secretary General Nicolas De Santis was published in the New York Times and in the Entrepreneur Country Magazine in June 2012.

Following the ravages and bloodshed of WW1 and WW2, we Europeans later inherited a Union without much bloodshed or a revolution. Hence we do not understand it well, appreciate it or value it. We take it for granted, and this is the real tragedy as our apathy and failure as European people can destroy it and once destroyed it cannot be put back together. By taking for granted the EU we take for granted peace, human rights and the still unrealised potential of the single market.

Non Europeans value the EU more than Europeans as they have always looked at it as a miracle of global governance in an uncertain world.

The EU, as I have been told in London by Eurasian Economic Commission Minister Tatiana Valovaya is being emulated by the Eurasian Union and other nations as an example of stability and economic progress by cooperation.

Yes, Europe has been built by statesmen and bureaucrats distant from the citizens and requires further democratic accountability. We all know this. And this is a failure. But don’t national or local governments suffer from the same problem today? Nobody is perfect. Nationally our politicians use the European Union as they please to their convenience as an instrument of policy or as a scapegoat to win tiny political battles at home while weakening all of us Europeans on a global scale. Thank you very much for your political wisdom. Similarly as recently shown a weak Europe makes countries such as the USA feel weaker and worried. No wonder.

We live in an uncertain world but our disunion would make it even more uncertain and dangerous. If our union collapsed or we lost the Euro we can immediately guarantee that we would all independently become weaker and live in totally unpredictable and chaotic environments. Other players in the international scene (fill yourself the blanks here) would move in and take advantage against us in economic, security, environmental, energy and other terms. Can any European nation acting alone now guarantee energy security or gas supplies from the east? You get my drift. At the same time, the nations that today still look at the EU as a beacon of hope and progress would have no recourse but to look elsewhere for guidance. We would have to hope that they do not look to the wrong places. Case in point: Arab spring nations and other emerging democracies.

The people with a case against the EU or the Euro, use loss of national identity and sovereignty as key points, but fail to propose a better model for Europe. They only cry for disunity but propose no alternative but separation or a looser union or just the need for a common economic area.

They deceit people by omission and justify their cry to freedom only using the words: WANNA BE RUN FROM BRUSSELS? What they do not explain is that Brussels is run by people from all European Union nations and not a conspiracy of chocolate eating Belgian Nationals.

Now, do not blame the Euro. The Euro is a global success story. It is used daily by some 332 million Europeans and is one of the major reserve currencies together with the US dollar, Japanese yen, Pound sterling and Swiss franc. The biggest failures have been the financial and banking sectors and our national governments. We are still rescuing banks and governments and many more will have to be rescued. Do not blame the Euro, blame the irresponsible bankers and governments that managed their affairs irresponsibly and lied to their people and the people of the EU and the world. Also what is this media nonsense of some countries leaving the Euro?

New York has not gone back to the New York Pound or requested the elimination of the Dollar even with the weakest American economy in history. Detractors of the Euro grow up and move on or move aside. Do not waste our time as we have to focus on real solutions.

We now need a revolution of young minds to rescue the European project. I say young minds as Europe needs the leap of faith that requires thinking without prejudices or we stand no chance to make Europe strong again. And we need more Europe (unity) not less. Perhaps this crisis is our revolutionary time to think about the EU project and understand its true value and why we need to support it. Now it is time for all Europeans to decide what they want. To stay in and actively participate as full members of the European Union (and yes claim more democratic powers) or leave and write letters to the darkness of the past. Most surely the letters would soon be replied to from the ghosts of uncertainty, instability and destruction.

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nds_adminNicolas De Santis Opinion on New York Times
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