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With the current state of the world, it is clear that there is a critical need for a new definition of leadership and strategic vision. Nicolas believes that leadership is about having two fundamental skills. First – a clear understanding of what reality is and second – the ability to anticipate the future in order to plan ahead and make the right decisions. But who has that clear sense of vision, reality, global awareness and clarity of how our world actually functions and works? He does.

As CEO of Corporate Vision and as President of global governance think tank Gold Mercury International, Nicolas focuses on researching how our world actually works and how to best navigate global complexity. He has created radical new future visioning tools and practical frameworks to visualise reality. In his constant journey to improve global governance & sustainability, Nicolas meets and works regularly with the world’s greatest leaders, minds, heads of state, CEOs, innovators, inventors, discoverers and visionaries in diverse global areas and industries. From the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, to the father of the internet, Vinton Cerf, to the co-discoverer of the HIV Virus, Dr Robert Gallo, to Economist John Kay, or the leader of global aviation, Giovanni Bisignani, former CEO of IATA – Nicolas is always on the move and connected to the global pulse.




Nicolas with Larry Page (left) and Sergey Brin (right), founders of Google, at the Google launch party.

Nicolas in Berlin with Neil Armstrong, Commander of NASA’s Apollo 11 Mission and first man on the moon.

GLOGO® – The Global Governance Monitoring System for Planet Earth

Our chaotic world will reach 11 billion people by 2050. Increasingly, interconnected problems cannot be solved using 20th Century strategies & thinking. It is evident that we are not well prepared for the fast changing global, social, political, economic and governance challenges ahead. Our world is a complex system consisting of vast interdependent parts; inextricably interlinked in how they drive global change. Nicolas realised that our planet did not have a foresight tool to frame reality, manage complexity or create a sustainable future.

The lack of such a tool makes our planet almost impossible to govern. To solve this problem Nicolas created a revolutionary framework, GLOGO – The Global Governance Monitoring System for Planet Earth. GLOGO® organises our planet into eight global governance areas (and thousands of sub areas) and explains with compelling examples, how our world really works (and where it does not work) and how we can better work and cooperate as a species to find common solutions to global problems. GLOGO builds a new ethical dimension, examining our role as global citizens inhabiting planet Earth. Nicolas is currently working on his upcoming books: CORPORATE VISION® and about the GLOGO® framework titled: GLOGO – THE ETHICAL DIMENSIONS OF ANTICIPATORY GOVERNANCE – “Future thinking for a new sustainable civilisation”.

The CORPORATE VISION® and GLOGO® talk can be tailored to address a global area or a specific topic that clients and audiences are specifically interested in. GLOGO topics include: understand your own planet, anticipate the future, strategic visioning and foresight, how to solve major global challenges, inter-generational equity, systems thinking, identifying meta-trends, discovering new business and social paradigms, creating future business models, understanding reality, global ethics, global citizenship and more. To explore CORPORATE VISION® and GLOGO®  click the following button:


Corporate Vision® System – Global Visioning for Companies

Nicolas has been applying his strategic visioning tools to help companies and organisations visualise the future for many years. The constantly changing and unpredictable world of today brings leaders and organisations great complexity and change. Long range strategy making has become increasingly difficult due to the uncertainty and unpredictability of our world.

Nicolas realised that to help corporations navigate uncertainty & re-invent themselves for the future, it was critical to integrate previously separate specialised business areas under a single framework. To achieve this, he pioneered the Corporate Vision System®, a methodology that brings together the 4 most important organisational components to define a corporate future: 1) Strategic Vision, 2) Global Brand, 3) Business Model Innovation and 4) Cultural Transformation. The Corporate Vision System® includes a corporate culture tool to diagnose where the strengths and weaknesses of a corporations are and help re-align the organisation under a single sustainable and differentiated vision.

Nicolas shares his experiences with global brands and clients on how to anticipate change, identify future paradigms, innovate strategic planning, re-invent brands, business models and transform corporate cultures and teams for the future. His talk can be tailored to address a client issue or a specific industry.

To explore the Corporate Vision System® visit:


A Vision for the European Union – Creating a New Regional Identity and Brand

The EU is a miracle of global peace: a regional project shaping the future of the entire world. The stability of the EU affects Europeans and non-Europeans alike. But the EU has a weak and distant brand and its citizens do not identify with it. It has an identity problem and lacks vision. To solve this, Nicolas founded the European Union Brand Centre – BRAND EU®, an initiative to assist in the creation of a powerful EU BRAND identity that connects with citizens and the rest of the world. Nicolas works to clarify what the EU really is, its global role and where it is going (vision).

He believes that it is critical for European citizens to get involved in the EU project for it to be successful. As part of rebranding the EU, Nicolas created the first and only cartoon mascot for a united Europe: Captain EURO® – Europe’s Superhero, a character that became a global media sensation. In this inspirational talk about creating Europe’s identity, Nicolas explains his journey, the strategies, the tools, the ups and the downs of this monumental challenge and how he sees the EU evolving in the future.

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