Global Vision Speaking

Nicolas shares his internet entrepreneur & global vision strategist ‘think tanker’ experience and tools using great examples and real life experiences and stories that will inspire you and transform the way you see the world and your role in it. In his dual role as strategy advisor and global governance activist, Nicolas bridges the gap between the ‘for profit’ corporate world and the ‘non for profit’ NGO world, aiming to create a more sustainable global society.

Nicolas envisions a world where people ‘awaken’ to the complex realities of our planet and become ‘global citizens’. Using his GLOGO® System for Planet Earth and his CORPORATE VISION SYSTEM® methodology, Nicolas will explain with simple but compelling ideas and practical case studies a new philosophy and strategy for the 21st Century to understand how our planet really works and how to PREDICT and PREVENT in order to make the most of opportunities and improve our future.


Global Vision Workshops

Nicolas has prepared customised workshops focusing on specialty subject areas such as GLOGO® (how our planet and complexity really work), CORPORATE VISION SYSTEM® (tool for strategic visioning, global branding, Business Model Innovation and Diagnosing corporate cultures).

Via the Corporate Vision Academy, Nicolas and other leading partners & speakers offer specialised workshops and masterclasses not normally available in traditional educational institutions.

The Corporate Vision Academy’s mission is “to educate, inspire and empower visionary leaders with the latest strategic visioning tools, intelligence, innovations and skills to create our shared sustainable future”. Nicolas and his team are available to deliver workshops as ONE-TO-ONE engagements (face to face or via VIDEO Conference) or presenting to LEADERSHIP teams.

For more information on workshops visit our academy page:

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Global Vision Consulting

As CEO of Corporate Vision and President of London based think tank Gold Mercury International, Nicolas works with and advises global leaders, global brands, corporations and governments on re-invention, complex issue solving, strategic vision, global branding, business model innovation and cultural and organisational transformation. Using his unique methodologies and tools such as the CORPORATE VISION SYSTEM® and GLOGO® (The Global Governance Monitoring System for Planet Earth), Nicolas provides the unique tools and insights to create and implement the future strategy of organisations.

Nicolas works in projects around the world, across industries, global areas and issues. From industrial and media conglomerates, banks, airlines, consumer goods companies and tech start-ups to international organisations and governments, Nicolas works to better frame corporate and institutional strategy, purpose and sustainability while clarifying future vision and direction in our complex world.

These are a small example of the clients that Nicolas has worked with:

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