Corporate Vision Strategist – Change Agent

As a tech entrepreneur going for a piece of the €100 billion online travel market, Nicolas De Santis built start up into a travel giant reaching €1.5 billion in gross sales. Opodo was sold for €500m in 2011. As a corporate vision strategist and change agent, he advises companies, governments and organisations on strategic vision, digital transformation, business model innovation and cultural change.

He has focused his career on the development of foresight tools, developing new strategic vision and governance frameworks to advance the way that corporations and governments anticipate the future, in order to make more sustainable decisions and achieve long-term business growth. Today, as a leading futurist and strategy advisor, Nicolas’s expertise includes work for leading CEOs, global brands, international organisations and governments. Before his dot-com and business model innovation work, Nicolas spent several years at Landor Associates (now WPP Group), the pioneer strategic design agency, advising global brands and CEOs.

Internet Entrepreneur

As an internet entrepreneur, Nicolas has started some of the most influential and high profile internet companies, such as the travel website co-owned by British Airways, Air France, Alitalia, Iberia, KLM and Lufthansa. One of the very few European internet start-ups to reach over a billion Euros in sales in record time.

With gross sales of over €1.5 billion, opodo has become Europe’s most successful internet travel business. Before the creation of BITCOIN, Nicolas also co-founded the web’s first digital currency: As its Chief Marketing Officer, he helped raise $100 million of funding from key investors including Larry Ellison of Oracle, Italian financier Carlo de Benedetti (Espresso/La Repubblica Group), François Pinault’s PPR holding company Artemis, Vivendi Universal, and Hikari Tsushin of Japan.

Nicolas De Santis (centre) with Larry Page (left) and Sergey Brin (right), founders of Google, at the Google launch party.

Nicolas De Santis in Berlin with Neil Armstrong, Commander of NASA Apollo 11 Mission and first man on the moon.

Nicolas De Santis with U.S. President Barack Obama

Nicolas De Santis with Vint Cerf , father of the Internet

International Keynote Speaker

Nicolas De Santis is an international public keynote speaker with incredible energy, humour and passion. Nicolas offers a wide range of keynote speeches, talks and presentations ranging from 15 to 90 minutes in length, using compelling visual material.

There are very few people that combine his global vision and areas of expertise as a global internet entrepreneur and as a business model and brand innovator. He covers subjects ranging from Global Sustainability, Brand and Business Model Innovation to Strategic Visioning and Sustainability. His major research areas and speaking topics include: CORPORATE VISION® – reinventing the corporate future by aligning strategic vision, brand portfolios, business model and organisational culture to outperform peers, capture new opportunities and avoid threats. GLOGO® keynote, based on his Global Governance Monitoring System to advance sustainable globalisation and drive innovation. BRAND EU®, Re-inventing the brand of Europe. Nicolas can deliver keynotes in English, and in native Spanish and Italian.

Key Achievements

  • Built one of Europe’s leading Internet Start-Ups, with gross sales of €1.5 billion. Sold for €500m.
  • Launched the internet’s first digital currency, years before BITCOIN, raising over $100million.
  • Advises 100s of companies and institutions on corporate vision, global branding, business model innovation and culture transformation using his CORPORATE VISION® SYSTEM FRAMEWORK.
  • Advised and contributed to the successful launch of the EURO currency to the public.
  • Currently working on building a strong brand of the European Union: The BRAND EU Centre.
  • Co-created the ‘Business Model Generation’ book, now the global standard for business model innovation.
  • Created GLOGO® – The Global Governance System for Planet Earth: the first true framework to organise our planet’s complexity and educate on the future of globalisation and sustainability.
  • Author CORPORATE VISION – The new Operating System to design the 21st Century Organisation

What the Global Media Say

“De Santis thinks about the future in a systematic way.”

Shares Magazine

“Nicolas De Santis is the expert in global branding.”

CNN – Richard Quest

“De Santis found himself in the enviable position of being headhunted simultaneously for the global CMO job by both Opodo and Yahoo“

Marketing Magazine

“De Santis is the man with impossible job of rebranding and repositioning the EU brand”

Ross Westgate CNBC

“Europe needs a revolution of minds. It is our revolutionary time to think about the EU project and understand its true value and why we need to support it.“

New York Times op-ed

“De Santis trabaja con gobiernos y con corporaciones para hacer visión estratégica a largo plazo, marcas, modelos de innovaciones de negocios”


“De Santis advises governments and companies on strategic vision and the future of global governance and globalisation”


“De Santis is Captain Euro’s creator, consultant to EU institutions and large companies, Spent more than a year studying the problem of European Identity. He is the ultimate youth marketer”

Wall Street Journal

“De Santis turned into Europe’s most successful travel portal, taking on and beating Microsoft’s Expedia, Last Minute and Thomas Cook”

New Media Age

“The self-styled leader of Europe, Captain Euro sees himself as the first point of contact for any U.S. President seeking to speak to Europe. Nicolas De Santis, founder of the BRAND EU Centre is Captain Euro’s real daddy. The time is ripe for a hero who is pro-Europe but not identified with the European elite”

Catherine Mayer – Time editor at large

“De Santis, el responsable de la nueva visión estratégica y marca de PRISA, busca consolidar a la compañía como uno de los grandes grupos multinacionales de la industria de contenidos, apoyándose en valores como la defensa del pluralismo y la libertad”

CINCO DIAS – Javier Noriega