Nicolas De Santis featured in Spain’s Expansion Newspaper

Nicolas De Santis, CEO of Corporate Vision®, was featured in Spain’s leading national economic newspaper, Expansion.

In the article, Nicolas De Santis explains Corporate Vision’s expansion strategy in international markets with a focus on Latin America where the firm already has several large clients. De Santis also discusses the damage that Brexit is causing to the UK in political and economic terms. Roberto Casado, Expansion’s UK correspondent also covers Corporate Vision’s extensive expertise in advising multinational firms on strategic vision, global branding, business model innovation and cultural change, working with clients such as Iberdrola, Coca Cola, Scottish Power and Ferrovial. As part of its consulting services, Corporate Vision’s own tech incubator & accelerator based out of London serves start-ups and its own clients in developing business model innovation in key sectors such as travel, media & entertainment, food industry, financial services, industrial goods and infrastructure.

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jokinbNicolas De Santis featured in Spain’s Expansion Newspaper

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