Her Majesty’s Former Attorney General Baroness Scotland Meets Nicolas De Santis

The UK’s former Attorney General Hon Baroness Scotland met with Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury to discuss the European Union, international affairs and global governance issues.

“Baroness Scotland has devoted great efforts and work towards advancing important issues and causes that are also of great interest to Gold Mercury including human rights, domestic violence, and better international collaboration and governance.” said Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury.

Hon Baroness Scotland became the United Kingdom’s first black female Queens Counsel (QC) at the age of thirty-five. She later became a judge and served on the British Privy Council – the country’s highest court of appeals. Baroness Scotland served in former prime minister Tony Blair’s foreign and home offices, and was elevated to the top legal position in her country with the ruling Gordon Brown administration. On 28 June 2007, Baroness Scotland was appointed Attorney General by Prime Minister Gordon Brown. She was the first woman to hold the office since it was formed in 1315. She was instrumental in creating the Quintet, which brought together the Attorneys General of USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to consider issues of joint legal and systemic concern.

Baroness Patricia Scotland was recently elected as a City of London Alderman for Bishopsgate ward, the first person of a black or minority ethnic background to win the coveted role and only the fourth woman in its 900 year history.

Baroness Scotland is a President at Chatham House.

Watch Baroness Scotland at TEDX Houses of Parliament

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nds_adminHer Majesty’s Former Attorney General Baroness Scotland Meets Nicolas De Santis

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