Italy’s Need for Future Vision – Nicolas De Santis Interviewed by CNBC

ClassCNBC, the Italian News Division of CNBC, has interviewed Nicolas De Santis, President of Gold Mercury International, on the role that the Italian Presidency of the European Union, starting on 1st July 2014, should play to advance Italy and the EU.

CNBC Anchor Angela Antetomaso interview De Santis, where he proposed that the Italian EU Presidency could be used to develop a strategic vision of the country and relaunch a new ‘futuristic Italian Rinascimento’. Nicolas De Santis, who advises governments and corporations on long-term strategic visioning, business model innovation and sustainable strategies, mentioned in the interview that a strong Europe must be made of strong nations who collaborate to achieve common goals and whose destiny is interlinked. During the interview the importance of fiscal federalism in Europe and the future banking union were discussed.

“The time has come for Italians to choose a new road forward. It is time for a new ‘Italian rinascimento’. Italy needs a strategic national vision that clarifies Italy’s role in the 21st Century, within the EU and the world, that creates a new revived shared national identity and ethic. The future vision must be ambitious but achievable and can be based on the creative and entrepreneurial potential of the “Italianità” (Italian talent and excellence) in the world. The new national vision and ethic would then help direct the energy and decision making of the nation, citizens and politicians”. Nicolas De Santis, in interview with Angela Antetomaeso of CNBC

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nds_adminItaly’s Need for Future Vision – Nicolas De Santis Interviewed by CNBC

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